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Designing for Uncertainty with Theory U

Image representing Designing for Uncertainty with Theory U

Groups often hire facilitators to help them find a sense of certainty and a clear path forward through terrain that, in reality, can offer neither. So how do we serve our clients while also being true to the conditions of the challenges they are facing? One tool that we at Ag Innovations find incredibly useful is the process described by Otto Scharmer of MIT in Theory U.



200+ Leaders Convene for 2016 Sonoma County Food Forum

Image representing 200+ Leaders Convene for 2016 Sonoma County Food Forum

It’s been four years since Sonoma County’s landmark Healthy & Sustainable Food Action Plan (FAP) became the Sonoma County Food System Alliance's shared vision for the local food system. Last month, over 200 food, farming, and community leaders came together to celebrate the progress made since the adoption of the FAP, and to shape the next phase of action and implementation.


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2nd Annual Equitable Future Conference, May 26

Image representing 2nd Annual Equitable Future Conference, May 26

Joseph McIntyre will present at the 2nd Annual Equitable Future Conference, a conference that is geared towards individuals working to level the playing field for greater economic equality and sustainability.



May 2, Systems Thinking for Social Change

Image representing May 2, Systems Thinking for Social Change

Join us on May 2, as we co-host systems thinking pioneer David Peter Stroh at Sonoma State University. During this evening event he'll share his insights into what systems thinking is, how systems work, and how to use systems thinking to better understand and plan your change efforts. Whether you work for policy reform, on food and farming systems, or other work that seeks to affect change, we believe that there will be lessons for all to glean.



Creating a Culture of Food Safety in Local Food Systems

Image representing Creating a Culture of Food Safety in Local Food Systems

There is an opportunity for small farms to come together to meet the growing demand for local food and to create a culture of food safety in local food systems. Through the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) and food safety certifications like GAP and GroupGAP, the FDA and the USDA are providing a bridge between buyers and sellers to enable more trust, cooperation and commerce. Local food advocates already know that local food is fresh, delicious, sustainable and safe. As more small farms join forces to educate themselves and their customers, share ideas and support each other to comply with federal food safety standards and obtain third party certification, there is hope that the industry will be more inclusive to small, sustainable farms.



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Growing Our Farms Forum

Evan Wiig of The Farmers Guild, a fiscally sponsored project of Ag Innovations, was interviewed about the Growing Our Farms forum in Sonoma County. Ag Innovations' project, the Sonoma County Food System Alliance helped produce the event and President, Joseph McIntyre facilitated.

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Hunger Forum Radio Coverage

Joseph McIntyre was interviewed about the issue of hunger in Sonoma County on radio station KRCB.

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