Ag Innovations


We are skilled process designers, facilitators, researchers, and organizational and social change experts. We help organizations move past sticking points toward progress and help groups foster collaborative leadership.

Peruse our seven service categories, below, and learn more about how we can work with you to achieve impact for your organization, project, or collaborative initiative. 


Multi-agency collaborations, collective impact initiatives, and community engagement are our core areas of expertise. Whether you’re looking to launch a new initiative, or make an existing group more effective, our expert staff bring more than a decade of experience working with diverse groups to help them achieve impact. Here are some of our specific offerings in this category:

  • Formation Strategy
  • Stakeholder Mapping & Engagement
  • Expert Facilitation
  • Process Design
  • Community Assessments

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“It's not often that you find an organization with the capacity to move groups from discord to consensus: Ag Innovations helps diverse stakeholders do just that.”
Dave Orth, Kings River Conservation District

Conference Planning & Meeting Facilitation

Are you planning a conference, meeting, or series of meetings that you want to have maximum impact? We can help make your convenings as effective as possible.

  • Conference Design
  • Keynote Speakers & Panel Selection
  • Process Design & Facilitation
  • Engagement & Outreach
  • Outcomes & Reporting

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Organizational Development

Effective change begins with effective teams and organizations. We have extensive experience working with food system organizations to achieve their potential through:

  • Strategic Visioning & Planning
  • Training & Technical Assistance
  • Nonprofit Governance & Management Consulting

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Training & Capacity Building

We offer a range of training and capacity-building courses that can be customized to your specific needs. We are also available to develop curricula. We take a hands-on approach to learning and our training courses are all dynamic, full-participation experiences. These trainings and courses include:

  • Principles & Practice of Collaboration
  • Systems Thinking for Food Systems Professionals
  • Collaborative Leadership
  • How to Lead Effective Meetings
  • Program Development for Food System Change
  • Custom-Designed Trainings

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“Ag Innovations' engagements are thoughtful, productive and effective, and allow for stakeholders to engage proactively, resulting in solution-based outcomes.”
Thad Bettner, Glenn-Colusa Irrigation District

Public Engagement & Action

One of the most exciting and important areas where we service is helping businesses and government effectively engage stakeholders and the public. Our services include helping to design public engagement strategies, identification of and targeted outreach to key stakeholders, and facilitating public engagement sessions. To help your project, we are often able to leverage our own extensive network of farmers and food system professionals, organizations, and leaders as resources.

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Research & Analysis

Our highly trained staff of researchers and assessment experts are available for natural resource, agricultural and food system research projects, feasibility studies, and assessments. We are also highly capable as partners on academic research projects and community or regional planning efforts requiring stakeholder involvement and/or social action research components.

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“In the world of food and farming systems, the problems are always complex and the players and interests are diverse. Making change in such an environment requires patience and skilled facilitation to bring groups together for collaborative action. Ag Innovations has been doing just that for many years and they do it very effectively.”
Karen Ross, California Department of Food and Agriculture