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James Beard Foundation Conference: Changing the Health/Equity Equation

Image representing James Beard Foundation Conference: Changing the Health/Equity Equation

In this video clip from the 2014 James Beard Foundation Food Conference, Ag Innovations President Joseph McIntyre poses the question: What is needed in your community to address disease and disparity? How can we build a strong bridge between and within our movement… to build a stronger and more inclusive movement?

Leading up to this meaningful question, Joseph urged a focus on the act of listening, calling attention to the sound in a room when people truly connect with something profoundly true, yet often uncomfortable. He encouraged people to reflect on what they listened to most during the conference, and what they may have tuned out for.

He then urged participants to use the art of listening as an instrumental tool in emboldening the food movement. “We, in the food movement, have an opportunity to avoid an historic mistake that has been made by the environmental movement, which failed at the crucial moment, to see that their deepest and most valued allies were communities of color, and it wasn’t a movement of privilege, but a movement for us all,” said Joseph.

"This movement has been built on a connection between people who care deeply about access and justice and by people who care deeply about taste and food. And yet we have yet to build a cohesive, integrated, communal table together," he continued.

Watch the video to learn more. 

Project: James Beard Foundation Annual Food Conference

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Corny Gallagher, Bank of America Merrill Lynch

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