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San Mateo County Garden-Based Learning Call-to-Action

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In November 2012, San Mateo Food System Alliance published a Garden-Based Learning Call-to-Action urging their community to join them in their goal to establish a garden in every school. This policy brief discusses what garden-based learning is, why garden-based learning matters, and how to get involved.

Project: San Mateo County Food System Alliance

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Garden-based learning (GBL) uses the garden as an outdoor classroom to provide integrated learning experiences, in and across disciplines, through active, engaging real-world experiences that bring abstract concepts to life. Many educators use gardens to enhance learning in core subjects such as science, math and social studies, as well as promote nutrition, environmental stewardship, and create awareness around where our food comes from. Currently, sixty-three percent of public elementary schools in San Mateo have gardens. The San Mateo County Food System Alliance encourages community members and additional schools to start or maintain a school garden. Please share their Call to Action: A Garden In Every School with teachers, parents, youth, school administrators, and others interested in school gardens.


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