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San Joaquin Valley Greenprint Project

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The Environmental Science and Policy Department of UC Davis hired Ag Innovations Network in 2014 on behalf of the Fresno Council of Governments and the San Joaquin Valley Policy Council to design and implement a series of public input meetings to validate and prioritize the data sets that are included in the San Joaquin Valley Greenprint Project, a non-regulatory, stakeholder-driven initiative to develop a map library about regional resources, to provide agriculture, water, and environmental leaders and decision-makers with the data, and to foster discussion about how to preserve agriculture, water and natural resources in the Valley, while also accommodating new population and urban growth. 

“Ag Innovation's work gets multi-stakeholder groups to the table for discussions that result in scaled shifts in how food is produced, packaged, shipped and consumed fairly. ”
Karen Karp, President, Karp Resources


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