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James Beard Foundation Annual Food Conference

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Since 2009 Ag Innovations has co-designed and facilitated the James Beard Foundation’s annual Food Conference in New York City. With themes ranging from “Food & Health,” to “Technology” to “Trust,” the Food Conference has grown into one of the country’s most important venues for the food movement and engages more than 200 attendees each year.

This project highlights another important aspect of the services Ag Innovations provides: high-engagement conference design and facilitation. The James Beard Foundation knew it did not want just another conference. Consistent with its role as the preeminent organization recognizing excellence in chefs and culinary life, they wanted a conference that reflected both their values and sensibilities. This meant creating an extraordinary experience for attendees.

Ag Innovations, through the work of its president, Joseph McIntyre, has provided the conference structure and design that differentiates the Food Conference. Some elements of this design include high focus on participant engagement with the subject and with each other, a carefully crafted narrative that runs through the entire conference and increases the value of each presentation, the use of multiple formats from individual speakers to panels to dialogues, and the inclusion of multi-media and the arts.

The Food Conference has increasingly become a place where new ideas are conceived and rolled out, with the Good Food Guide being one of the most important resources to be generated based on participant requests. During the two-day conference on October 19-20, 2015, Joseph McIntyre, President of Ag Innovations, will lead the conference design team and serve as event facilitator, panel session moderator, and participant interaction session leader.

“While working with CRWFS I have been very pleased to witness a keen and reasoned approach to California‚Äôs water dilemma, long an elephant in the room.”
Moira Burke, Farmer, Agricola: flora et fauna


Image representing James Beard Foundation Conference: Changing the Health/Equity Equation

James Beard Foundation Conference: Changing the Health/Equity Equation

In this video clip from the 2014 James Beard Foundation Food Conference, Ag Innovations President Joseph McIntyre poses the question: What is needed in your community to address disease and disparity?


Image representing James Beard Foundation Food Conference: Community Exchange - The Healthiest You

James Beard Foundation Food Conference: Community Exchange - The Healthiest You

Ag Innovations President, Joseph McIntyre, speaks at the James Beard Foundation Food Conference to lead audience members into a collaborative exercise to define the word, "healthy." 


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General Resources

The Good Food Org Guide was created by Food Tank and James Beard Foundation during the 2014 conference and features Ag Innovations.

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