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Second Harvest Food Bank Community Partner Strategy Project

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Second Harvest Food Bank of Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties has engaged Ag Innovations to assist in their “Community Partner Strategy” project that will develop and enhance organizational and leadership capacities among their partner agencies.

Ag Innovations worked in the first half of 2015 to offer strategy consulting and facilitation. During this time we identified and prioritized the required organizational and leadership competencies necessary for success and will develop a “Program Design Map,” a map that outlines critical success factors for an effective program.

The work between Ag Innovations and the Second Harvest Food Bank is supporting the initial stages of building a competency development program for Second Harvest partner agencies, with the end goal of distributing 32% more food by 2016.

Ag Innovations conducted interviews with select food bank partner agencies and all of the members of the Food Assistance Team. From those interviews, we developed a report highlighting the themes that most often emerged across the interviews. With that data, we developed a visioning session that enabled us to get a better understanding of the challenges organizations face when considering the distribution of more food, and the possible paths forward. The visioning session led to the development of a program design map that can be used to guide a capacity development program for partner agencies. The program design map includes:

  1. Opportunities for peer learning;
  2. Specific skill-building trainings; and
  3. One-on-one organizational development coaching with a subset of organizations. 

“Because Ag Innovations is so adept at their work, trust is high among partners as is the willingness to take on complex issues.”
Tim York, Markon Cooperative


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