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Cultivating California’s Bioeconomy: Turning Ag Waste Into Profit

Cultivating California’s Bioeconomy: Turning Ag Waste Into Profit Image

- Charlotte Ballenger

Is waste wasted? Or is our thinking too limited? Everyday California farmers produce byproducts of the food we eat that must be disposed of one way or the other. But are we throwing away money? What if we could transform waste into profit and at the same time deliver substantial environmental benefits? There is an emerging body of research and practical applications that suggests California is ready to create a genuine Bioeconomy – an economy where every byproduct is an input to another valuable product.

This provocative one-day event is an invitation to peer over the horizon towards this emerging bioeconomy, to learn about what is driving the need to find new solutions to reducing and reusing woody biomass from farms and a wide range of other byproducts of the food system.

You’ll hear from leaders in the field about projects that are working today and how we can bring them to scale. If you care about the future of agriculture and want to help shape the future bioeconomy of California, this day has something for you.

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Speakers include (view the biographies here):

  • Assemblymember Bill Dodd, 4th District
  • Secretary John Laird, California Department of Natural Resources
  • Undersecretary Jim Houston, California Department of Food and Agriculture
  • Joel Cherry, Ph.D., President of Research and Development, Amyris
  • Jeanne Wade Evans, Deputy Regional Forester, Forest Service
  • J. Keith Gilless, Ph.D., Dean and Professor, UC Berkeley and Chair of the California Board of Forestry and Fire Protection 
  • Glenda Humiston, Ph.D., Vice President of Agriculture and Natural Resources, University of California
  • Steve Kaffka, Ph.D., Director, California Biomass Collaborative
  • William Orts, Ph.D., Research Leader, Bioproducts, USDA-ARS Western Regional Research Center
  • Paul Sousa, Director of Environmental Services, Western United Dairymen
  • Stacey Sullivan, Policy Director, Sustainable Conservation
  • Chris Valadez, Director of Environmental & Regulatory Affairs, California Fresh Fruit Association
  • Richard Waycott, Chief Executive Officer, The Almond Board of California
  • Leo Zhang, Senior Analyst, Cleantech Group

View the working agenda here.

If your organization is interested in sponsoring the event, please let us know. Sponsorship packages range from $500-$50000, and include tickets, promotional opportunities, and more.

Contact: Tessa Opalach at | (707) 823-6111 ext 160

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