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Longstanding CRAE Member, Richard Rominger, Awarded UC Davis's Highest Award

Longstanding CRAE Member, Richard Rominger, Awarded UC Davis's Highest Award Image

Richard Rominger, Photo by Kathy Keatley Garvey

On June 9, longtime advocates for California agriculture, Richard (Rich) and Evelyne Rominger will be awarded UC Davis Medals, the highest honor the university presents to individuals.

Rich is a longstanding member of Ag Innovation's California Roundtable on Agriculture and the Environment (CRAE), a working group that has been active for over a decade to bring leaders together to address California's most pressing ag and environment challenges. Beyond this role, he and his wife have contributed substantially to agriculture viability in California and beyond. A fourth generation family farmer, Rich was formerly the Secretary of California Department of Food and Agriculture and former Deputy Secretary of the U.S. Department of Agricutlure. 

The UC Davis Medal "recognizes individuals of rare accomplishment 'to be heralded today and in perpetuity' as extraordinarily special members of the UC Davis community." The University announcement of the award, which was made on May 23 is a wonderful look at the lives and contributions of Rich and Evelyne.

Congratulations to Rich and Evelyne, from all of us at Ag Innovations and CRAE, for this prestigious award. 

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