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July 22, 2015 | Volume 3

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July Innovation Newswire

In this issue, we take a look at the events leading up to California's historic groundwater legislation (Sustainable Groundwater Management Act) and touch on the key ingredient to success (hint: it has something to do with facilitation). We also look at some new policies that are streamlining the regulatory process for environmentally beneficial projects. And one of our esteemed facilitators shares five tips for executing a successful kick-off meeting for a new collaborative planning group. 

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Facilitating California’s Groundbreaking Groundwater Governance System

The historic Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA) was signed into law in the fall 2014, providing the first comprehensive framework for regulating groundwater in California. It requires new Groundwater Sustainability Agencies in at-risk groundwater basins to develop management plans for their region. This is a huge undertaking, and the state has recognized the need to connect water management groups with professional facilitators to ensure success. About one year into the new act, let's explore where we are with SGMA implementation and how we got here.

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Moving the Dial on Regulations

Ag Innovations published two reports --  Permitting Restoration (2010) and Regulating for Agricultural and Public Outcomes (2014) -- that advanced recommendations to improve the efficacy of California's regulatory framework for projects improving environmental outcomes. It seems that California has heeded the call for change. New policies and information tools are streamlining permit application processes, expediting projects with clear environmental benefits, providing permit assistance, and increasing the flow of information critical to decision making.

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Tips for Successful Collaboration Kick-off Events

Kick-off meetings for new collective action projects are like big games in sports: if it doesn't go well, it hurts. You have lost a golden opportunity to help a unique collaboration get started on the right foot, and will have to work a lot harder to ensure success. But when it goes well, the group builds the momentum, connections, and buy-in needed to succeed. And that makes any facilitator smile. So how can you set up such a meeting for the win? Read on to find out. 

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