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Creating a Culture of Food Safety in Local Food Systems

There is an opportunity for small farms to come together to meet the growing demand for local food and to create a culture of food safety in local food systems. Through the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) and food safety certifications like GAP and GroupGAP, the FDA and the USDA are providing a bridge between buyers and sellers to enable more trust, cooperation and commerce. Local food advocates already know that local food is fresh, delicious, sustainable and safe. As more small farms join forces to educate themselves and their customers, share ideas and support each other to comply with federal food safety standards and obtain third party certification, there is hope that the industry will be more inclusive to small, sustainable farms.

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Our Approach

We are in the business of driving positive social change. We approach our work by building collaborative partnerships and facilitating dynamic, engaging dialogues. As process experts and trusted facilitators, we stimulate breakthrough thinking that solves complex problems.   More »

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Local Food

Communities across the country are looking at strategies to strengthen local farms, improve access to local food, and build more resilient local economies. Our work building effective collaborations and leadership makes local food systems more viable. From food system assessments, to facilitating county-based working groups that make policy shift happen, we seek to engage with organizations and leaders that are committed to effecting change.

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As the arid west knows first hand, drought and climate change are ushering in a new era of water scarcity. Our work in water seeks to both develop new frameworks and models to guide policy about water, as well as bring our collaboratory style to the many efforts that we are engaged in. This work brings stakeholders together around issues ranging from groundwater management to new water storage programs.

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Working Lands

Farms, ranches, and forests are critical for the food and fiber they produce, the economic value they create, and the ecosystem services they provide. We need healthy and widespread working lands to feed us, enhance our watersheds, serve as water catchments, and provide plant and wildlife habitat. Our focus in our Working Lands is landscape scale management of this critical resource. We work with stakeholders and public agencies to identify and implement new strategies to keep working lands working, and working better, for all of us. 

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