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Ag Innovations Network brings people together to build a food system that works for all. We are facilitators of crucial conversations, conveners of meetings that matter, and enablers of change.

Our role is unique. We care deeply about creating a more economically viable, socially just, and environmentally sound way to grow and distribute food. We believe the best way to accomplish that goal is to create opportunities for individuals, farmers, businesses, and communities to better understand the changes that are needed and discover solutions that make sense. Our work is about bringing more democracy to decision-making about the future of food and farming.

We have three central programs:

Thanks for visiting us. We hope you find our work and our site of benefit.

The Latest From the Field

News from our Alliances

San Mateo County Local Food Feasibility Report Released

The San Mateo County Food System Alliance is thrilled to announce the release of a feasibility study report that explored how to distribute more local produce to public (e.g., hospital, school, and county facilities) and private institutions.

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SC3 Releases Healthy Lands & Healthy Economies Initiative - Nature’s Value in Santa Clara County

SC3: Landmark Research Collaborative Releases Healthy Lands & Healthy Economies Initiative – Nature’s Value in Santa Clara County

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San Mateo County FSA Releases Food System Assessment Report

May 2014 The San Mateo County Food System Alliance developed a food system assessment report to support our community’s collective efforts to build a better food system for every resident of San Mateo County.

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News from our Roundtables

Call to Action to Preserve CA Agricultural Land

July 2014. The California Roundtable on Agriculture and the Environment released A Call to Action to Preserve California Agricultural Land, outlining policy recommendations to slow the loss of California’s farmland.

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From Crisis to Connectivity

April 2014. From Crisis to Connectivity: Renewed Thinking About Managing California’s Water and Food Supply describes the connectivity approach, which provides a whole-systems framework for our water management decisions.

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Recommendations for Increasing Regulatory Effectiveness

Jan. 2014. AIN’s recent report, Regulating for Agricultural and Public Outcomes: Perspectives and Recommendations, builds on CRAE’s earlier work aimed at helping agricultural land stewards succeed in meeting California regulatory requirements for environmental restoration.

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News and Events

Staff Accountant Opening

Ag Innovations Network is now hiring a full-time Staff Accountant to join our Finance Team.

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Taste the Possibilities: Adding Value to Your Ag Business

Attend this small-farm workshop on November 3 to learn about adding value to your farm’s crops. Presented by University of California Cooperative Extension, Sonoma County Department of Health Services, and the Sonoma County Food System Alliance.

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Water and Food Supply Bulletin: 17 Water Resources

The California Roundtable on Water and Food Supply (CRWFS) Bulletin is a member-sourced information bulletin that includes timely reports and news pertaining to water and the food supply in California. This month’s bulletin features seventeen links to recent news and reports on water in California.

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Fall Newswire: 5 Pivot Points for a Healthier Food System

Greetings Friends of Ag Innovations Network: This has been nothing short of an interesting, albeit challenging, year for those of us working on food and agriculture issues in California. Our extended drought has put a spotlight on our absolute dependency on this scarce resource; our hearts and thoughts go out to the individuals, communities, and farmers who are struggling with dry wells and fallow fields. Yet there is nothing like a crisis to focus our attention on what matters.

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Introducing Lucas Patzek, Project Manager

Ag Innovations Network is pleased to announce the addition of Lucas Patzek to our team. Lucas brings an extensive level of expertise having spent the past nine years working on agricultural and natural resource issues in the U.S. and abroad.

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